Friday, February 26, 2010

love is in the air

Love is in the air and it isn't even Valentine's Day.

As bad as yesterday was, today was FANTASTIC!

My staff gave me flowers... what was the reason... that they love me! They love me even though I'm the "bad guy" often times. I threw in the pic of Cameron with the dog snuggling just because it's cute and it goes with the LOVE theme :)

My brother even loves me... I've enjoyed getting to know him as an adult and learning religion through him!

I hope everyone has been shown love today and everyday!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

bucket list

I'm thirty-two... that's 3-2. I'm almost middle-aged with two kids that are so independent that I have to BEG for their attention. Don't get me wrong... I'm very proud of how I've raised my children. They're smart, funny and self sufficient but I have moments when I wish, really, really wish to have another baby.

Or... go back to college, not that I would know what degree I would desire. Or become a race car driver or a bounty hunter. Better yet... skate in the roller derby!

Since I have now started this blog, my to-do list is one item less. What should I replace it with? I desire to do something daring and wild yet have no idea what I would do and welcome suggestions!

today is my monday!

So today was horrible... really just horrible. One of those days where every single, little, itty, bitty thing is compained about. And I'm not talking about my kids, I'm talking about grown adults. Suck it up people and deal with it!

But I digress... my wonderful husband put down the deposit for our vacation rental house today! This vacation may be months away but I've got something to look forward to.

Nothing to do all day except relax... waking up to coffee and roller skating as exercise... several bottles of wine to buy from my favorite winery.

What was it that I was compaining about?!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GET EXCITED... my first entry!

So I can be a Procrastinator... yes I spelled that with a capital P. This year I've decided that I'm going to take action and NOT continue to put things on my neverending to-do list. For those of you who know me well also know that I'm a perfectionist so I try NOT to put myself "out there". Starting this blog is a HUGE step for me!

I don't think that I lead an extremely interesting life, I actually prefer to be drama free. I hope to use this blog to just record some fun times that my family has and maybe, JUST MAYBE, vent a little bit :)

Just so you know, I've checked my spelling multiple times because I will want to crawl under a rock if I make a typo!

I'm so excited I can check an item off my list!