Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i'm a proud momma...

I'm such a proud mom...

Gillie has given up her desk money that she has been saving up to Find a Cure for Cancer! She has invited her grandmother to walk with her at school because she's a survivor and a fighter!!

Today I had my yearly mammogram... one that I have to have because of my mom's diagnosis of breast cancer at the young age of 52... 52! I am constantly reminded of how strong, not only she is, but how we are as a family. No matter what our differences, my family comes together to fight. We all have our roles (I'm the mean one :)) but we balance each other out.

I hope that Gillie does not have to endure what my mother has but I know that our family can overcome all obstacles through our faith and our love!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

i am not your typical girlie-girl

So today I was "invited" to a photo shoot. No pressure... Anyone who knows me knows that while I think I am super cute :) I can NOT take a posed picture to save my life! I am not your typical girlie-girl.

The physicians that I work for wanted to involve me because I'm a very important part of the practice... how could I say no?! What's funny is when the photographer had to retake my pictures because my trendy haircut made me look like a rooster?! His words.

My daughter on the other hand has NO problem posing and can oftentimes be found taking pictures of herself... using my very expensive camera. As you can tell by the pic, I couldn't care less about the camera... I have yet another photo of my beautiful little girl turning into a beautiful young lady!