Tuesday, June 21, 2011

it's been months...

Ok... so it's been months since I have blogged. To my 9 followers please forgive me and GET EXCITED... I am back!

Today I logged in to become a follower of another blog and decided to look at my past posts. I sat on the couch for nearly an hour (me sitting down?!) reminiscing and I have to be frank... I enjoyed my own blog!

Blogging is so cathartic... it is an opportunity to share my life with others and as is evident today, laugh at one's self! I do have to admit that I am a little disappointed with myself, stopping mid-challenge, however those days marked a moment in time where my sense of security was taken.

A few months ago someone attempted to break into my home. He (they) successfully cut my telephone wires, jumped our six foot privacy face and kicked in our back door. While they did not get in... I'm assuming due to the sound of the alarm... I was frightened! The home that I have lived in for 11 years was no longer the safe haven it's always been. All of a sudden I was becoming the scared, timid woman I was determine to never be.

I thank God everyday that no one was home and have since regained my feeling of security.

If asked, any day, I would hand all material possessions if given a choice between my memories. I've included a picture of Shawn on Father's Day holding his "homemade" gift... a shadow box containing his speed skating uniform and his childhood picture. It is the moments in life that are important and NO ONE can take those from you.

By the way... my photos are loaded on a portable external hard drive and kept in a fire-proof safe next to my gun :)

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  1. I love it when you get all bloggy :) It's fun to get a glimpse inside what goes on inside your noggin! And you did a great job on that shadowbox :D