Wednesday, July 20, 2011

33 and still growing... what the what?!

Is it possible that I plan too much? No, it can't be true... I am the SUPER organizer... is there a point to it? Stay tuned; I will make a point.

I have been blessed to be a part of two... yes, two... bible studies. Currently my women's group are reading Jonah. You know, the guy who got swallowed by a big fish? The premise of the study is that God "interrupts" our lives for us to learn valuable lessons... these are interventions that are out of our control... possibly considered a test of obedience.

These past several weeks I've been concerned... what has been my intervention? Am I worthy of an intervention? Is it weird that I WANT one?

Ok, so I'm currently cleaning our financial mess... impatiently creating spreadsheet upon spreadsheet to organize our finances, hoping and wishing for a way to clean it up faster and faster. Tonight it occurred to me on the drive home... all of this planning is pointless. I'm working on God's time table. Is it possible that I've spent all my time planning for my future that I'm not living in the present?

My prayer tonight is just to enjoy tonight. While I believe that being organized is necessary in life (family of four, remember) maybe I shouldn't schedule every moment of every day. Those of you reading this, and you know who you are, please hold me accountable when I get out of control by being in control. I want to be available for my divine intervention!

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