Monday, June 7, 2010

life's inspirations...

So I whined yesterday... and did it make me feel better? It ABSOLUTELY did!!

I've found out that I'm not alone in my feelings and my journey (which is always nice to know) and maybe, just maybe I can help someone in their spiritual journey.

And you know what, I am doing a good "job"... my children can find bible verses without tabs (I, sadly, cannot yet quickly), have started tithing without me pushing, understand that God is first and are genuinely kind to others.

I've learned that I no longer want to be materialistic... no one really cares if I wore the same outfit the week before... none of these items are mine. And the things that I've been blessed with I will take extreme care.

My church is starting Servolution next week which is what we call several months of just doing nice gestures for others... strangers! How lovely would it be when everyone is just kind to each other? Our jails would be empty!!

Yesterday, my parents were blessed with a gift (they are going through tough times financially but NOT spiritually) and my heart literally SWELLED!

God is good!

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  1. What growth, Debra Bennington! What God can do when we let Him, takes a lot less time and heartache than when we try to do it ourselves! Keep walking and He will continue to show you and your family just how generous He is! you are a daughter of the King, afterall! :)