Sunday, August 22, 2010

are you a true leader...

As I have been digging in the bible I came across a chapter that really stood out to me: 1 Timothy 3.1-3.13

This chapter discusses the traits that are needed for a church leader: well thought of, committed to his wife (or her husband), cool and collected, accessible and hospitable. The leader must know what they are talking about, not pushy but gentle, not thick-skinned, not money-hungry. He must handle his own affairs well, attentive to his own children and have their respect. It continues.

I realize that this should apply to all Christians whether they lead a church or simply lead their home.

I manage a medical practice and I attempt to lead much the way that is stated in 1 Timothy, chapter 3. This also means that I have to be honest with myself and identify my weaknesses. In my personal case, I am not always cool and collected (shocking, I know because I am so doggone cool; I'm especially cool because I used the word doggone) but I wake up every morning knowing that I have a fresh start due to Jesus' blood.

Even as leaders, we need leaders in our lives as well. A leader in my life is a friend from church who knows her "stuff" and she lives her life for Christ. She accepts me for my faults and failures (something that I don't always forgive myself for) and is genuinely interested in my journey.

So I ask you, are you a good leader and can you be honest with yourself about your faults? Remember that there is always someone near you that is influenced by you!

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