Friday, February 25, 2011

day 4...

Something I have to forgive someone for... for not living up to my expectations.

Someone that played an important role in my life and my introduction to Christ disappointed me deeply by their behavior. As I am learning more and reading more of my bible, I realize that I want to live my life as it is written. However we are all human, as is the person I am referencing, and will make mistakes.

While I have attempted to forgive and forget, I'm a little weary in my new relationships at church. I'll eventually get there.

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  1. God doesn't command you to "forgive and Forget". Only forgive... If you forget you are bound to continually make the same mistakes and crappy relationship choices. Read Hebrews 8. I researched this a lot when I decided to leave my old church. It was very difficult to forgive the person I left my old church over ( you know who I am talking about). However that person taught me a valuable lesson. he used to say all the time that God will set a bar and then when you think that you have reached that bar, you will look again and it will be higher. Everyone no matter how vile of a person they may be can always teach you a lesson. Those people that hurt you or disappoint you can teach you more than some of your most intimate friends. Take the lesson learned and move on and when your new friends disappoint you forgive them, remember them, and move on. Everyone in your life at some point will fall short, It is your job to try to lift them back up. If you try, which I know you have, you have done all you can do.. Never forget the lessons that God has taught you, forgive the people that he put in your way that may have made you stumble.

    Love you Deb