Friday, February 25, 2011

30 day challenge...

Recently I've had a friend begin a blogging challenge... take 30 pre-determined topics and blog about one a day for 30 days. Sounds like a great way to let people get to know the real me... maybe even learn some things about myself in the process... I'M IN!! The first thing to learn about me is that I am a planner therefore I cannot just blog daily; I actually composed multiple blogs in one day... and post one daily... lol :)

Ahhh... day one... something that I hate about myself... it may be a surprise to many to know that there are LOTS of things that I dislike about myself (I don't like to use the word Hate). The reason it may be a surprise is because I "fake it till I make it". Maybe if I think it, therefore act, that I'm super smart, super cute and super "on" all the time, I might actually be those things.

I dislike that at times I can put on a facade of who I want to be or who I believe I am expected to be. I'm expected to be strong, creative, daring... (list positive adjectives here). Oftentimes I am those things but there are moments that I honestly want to be taken care of and not be the person giving all the care.

OH... I also have ugly feet!

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  1. I actually have pre-written several as well, but for a different reason. I tend to slack off and would probably end up missing several days. So I have several started and went through each day, titled it, and scheduled it to be released. So see, even polar opposites can sometimes function in the same manner.

    And as far as the facade, we all have them. They serve many purposes, sometimes to protect ourselves and other times to convince ourselves they're true. Either way, those who truly love us will crack through them and still like what they see :)